About Me

Hi there, I’m Sejal

A self taught baker, following my passion for BAKING. 

One of the most fascinating things I remember as I grew up, is the time spent standing by my mom, in our kitchen. Watching her weave magic with various ingredients, spices, sauces and essences in the oven, churning out delicacies. What started sitting by her side, observing and tasting batters and crumbs, to eventually helping her out and making an entire cake by myself, became a passion. It came as no surprise to my friends and family, that I finally chose to pursue this latent passion of baking, over my corporate job, for the happiness it gives me.

The decision to choose “the road less traveled”, when almost everyone made a dash for the corporate, was a difficult one. I finally decided to change my passion into my career. 

I found that if a self taught baker had to broaden his/ her horizons, there was an awful lot of research required which correspondingly demands time. So, here I am putting together what I learnt from this journey, in this blog – to have everything needed for a home baker in one place. For the professional baker there is no substitute to reading and learning from the plethora of videos. I hope to give you, the home baker looking to spread happiness, an extract of the essentials here. Starting from the basics, the science behind it to help you have a clearer understanding of how and why things work and what you are actually doing, to some amazing recipes that I have tried.

The result is sure to be delicious wherein every crumb will narrate a story….worth trying. So let’s get baking !!




Mom, an exceptionally loving and gifted lady who loved to cook, bake and serve with equal enthusiasm. She inspired me with her culinary skills then, when I was a little girl trottling around her and she inspires me now, even when she is not around to guide me physically. I’m sure she is with me in whatever I do. My role model who I have always looked up to for her infinite inner strength and positive attitude. 

I know she is looking down on me from heaven and will be like the beacon of light to inspire and guide me eternally.

Love you maa!