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Meet Sejal & Anirudh : The Experimental Foodies

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Passionate food enthusiasts who have turned their love for culinary experimentation into a career. Our journey into the world of food began in our respective childhood kitchens, where we spent countless hours observing and assisting our mothers. These early experiences ignited a spark that would later become a burning passion for creating unique and delicious dishes.

Sejal’s Story:
I still vividly remember the magical moments spent standing by my mom’s side in the kitchen. Watching her expertly blend various ingredients, spices, sauces, and essences to create mouthwatering delicacies was nothing short of mesmerizing. What I marveled at the most was the way she would improvise when ingredients were unavailable in the small towns we stayed, this inspired the made from scratch section, my proudest creation. What started as a simple act of tasting batters and crumbs soon evolved into a deep love for baking. The decision to pursue this passion over a traditional corporate job wasn’t easy, but the happiness and fulfillment I find in baking and food photography made it worth the risk.

Anirudh’s Story:
Like Sejal, I too found joy in the kitchen from a young age. I tried my hand at baking and cooking since a young age using the limited ingredients a hostel room could store but my passion grew wings after I met Sejal. I’ve constantly been experimenting with flavors and using the most offbeat ideas in my quest to impress her. For me, cooking is not just a necessity; it’s an art form that allows me to express creativity and innovation. Food in my mind and heart is the truest representation of the history of civilization.

Together, we are experimental foodies. Our kitchen is our playground, where we blend traditional recipes with bold, new ideas. We believe that cooking is an art, and we are always eager to create dishes that are not only delicious but also tell a story with every bite. Through our blog, we share our culinary adventures and everything we’ve learned (and are still learning) along the way. Our goal is to encourage others to explore their kitchens, take risks, and find joy in the creative process.

For us, every dish is an opportunity to weave magic and narrate a story worth tasting. Join us on our culinary journey and discover the delicious world of experimental cooking and mouth watering images. Let’s get cooking and baking together!

Sejal and Anirudh

Sejal Gupta Chakrapani