Travel Stories

My interaction with people holding passports of over 25 countries and innumerable national identities has taught me, travel is the greatest and most hands-on teacher of all. Everyone must travel, not just for the sake of the global economy but also for world peace, climate change and the numerous causes we believe in. It helps us learn what matters to different people and communities and allows us to take an informed choice of our life’s path. 

Eurotrip 2023

We embarked on a trip of lifetime in 2023 spanning 7 countries, 15 cities and 35 days.  

This is our Abridged Itinerary as teaser to the travel blog to come… 

Deutschland (Germany): Economic superpower and the land of engineering, efficiency, beer and football. At the centerstage of many of the greatest events of the 20th century

Munich: 3 days , Capital of Bavaria and a large Industrial town 

  • Daytrip to Neuschwanstein Castle: inspiration of Disney’s castle 
  • Wander around the old town capital of Bavaria and enjoy the architecture 
  • Visit the BMW museum and welt  
  • Drink the Beer at the Beer Halls or Beer Gardens. Try the Paulner or the Radler (if you aren’t one for bitter beer) 
  • Allianz Arena – the home of FC Bayern Munich 
  • Do a walking tour – several prominent buildings (including the Hofbräuhaus) from Nazi Germany are preserved and repurposed 

Garmish-Partenkirchen: 2 days, Ski town that’s become very famous for its insanely beautiful views

  • Partnakalam Gorge: its breathtakingly insane 
  • Picnic near any lake, we chose Geroldsee  
  • Ludwigstraße: Iconic street and the perfect photo-spot, anywhere, everywhere
  • The Zugspitze: Germany’s tallest peak, the ‘boy next door’! Worth a visit, if the weather is cooperative, which unfortunately is very rare  
  • Visit Hammersbach: a small village with scenic views 
  • Actually, just wander… its beautiful in every direction 

Berlin: 2 days: Building the Wall and its Engineering its Fall: probably the most important socio-cultural events of the 20th century 

  • 3 City centers: Ku Dam, Potsdamer Platz & Alexander Platz 
  • Lot of Soviet influence in modern Berlin, the DDR museum gives an insight into life on the east of the Iron curtain 
  • City of spies and intrigue, and some most interesting conspiracy stories
  • East Side Gallery: Interesting expression of liberal ideas of artists from around the world
  • Almost a million Museums: choose wisely!! 
  • Currywurst everywhere, if you like sausages 

Czechia (Czech Republic): Land of Castles, Pilsner and Architecture from almost every era

Prague: 2 days – One of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, it has a little bit of everything 

  • Pilsner and Guláš (Gulash): very mouth watering 
  • Check out the beautiful architecture on the Royal route 
  • Excellent and quite reasonable public transport – especially the legendary trams 
  • Bohemian Crystal is worth the attention of all shopaholics. Glass making is a novel experiences and worth a shot 
  • The history of Czechia in the modern era is quite fascinating

Netherlands: The land of Bicycles, Tulips, Dykes and Windmills

Amsterdam: 3 days – City of Beauty and Sin 

  • Dutch maritime history during the age of the VOC is amazing: The Maritime Museum is worth a visit 
  • Villages of Volendam, Edam, Marken and Zaanse Schans are fabulous 
  • The City of Sin: Sin with Care!! Or pre-book your absolution!
  • Beautiful canals deserve to be toured, preferably by boat 
  • The Heineken Experience – its worth it, or I felt that after the complimentary beer!!!
  • Dutch Fries have enough calories to sustain a week 

Belgium: The land of Chocolate, Beer, and Waffles

Gent, Brugge and Brussels: 4 days – Beautiful cities and towns within a couple of hours, easily accessible by Public Transport System 

  • Belgian Chocolate: obviously, no brainer 
  • Gent : Kayak around the city 
  • Brugge: Most beautiful and picturesque place I’ve seen. Just wander around meaninglessly 
  • Brussels: The big city of Belgium. The European parliament, Mini Europe, Atrium and Grand Place (Gorte Markt) merit a visit 
  • The Tintin (Herge) Museum is worth a visit 
  • Belgian fries and waffles (Liege & Brussels waffles are different – try both) are a must 

Nothing is sweeter than Belgian Chocolate

France: The land of Wine, Croissants and Romance

Paris : 3 days – Among the most multi ethnic and multi cultural cities in the world

  • The Eiffel tower: prettiest at night. There are long lines for the best photo spots, so perseverance is the key. Picnicking outside in the lawns is worth it
  • Carry a corkscrew and have French wine, its literally cheaper than water and there is an open container policy on alcohol
  • All the tourist spots are along the Seine, a walk is enjoyable and your health monitoring app will love it. 
  • Disneyland is a place of fantasy and is more than worth it for a Disney fan, despite the over 100 Euro . Stay for the pre closing fireworks 
  • The Palace of Versailles is gorgeous 

Paris is always a good idea.” – Audrey Hepburn

Chalons-en-Champagne & Epernay: 2 days – Home of the most expensive and experiential wines in the world 

  • Its beautiful – take a stroll, grab some wine and any of the baked delicacies, sit on the a bench and take a picnic 
  • Check out the free champagne tasting at the tourist office 
  • Do a vineyard and champagne tour – its too technical to understand, but you would really have had the true Champagne instead of a sparkling wine marketed as Champagne 
  • It’s a small place which literally shuts down by 6 pm, speaks only French and caters to the ultra rich – Be advised 

Scotland: The land of Scenic Views, Short Kilts and Smooth Scotch; home of Golf

Edinburgh, Glencoe, Isle of Skye, Inverness, Scottish Highlands  – 5 days road trip

  • Iinter city public transport is conspicuous by its absence, so its either a tour company or rent a car – Rent a car, trust me 
  • Restaurants and supermarkets are rare, so please stock up 
  • Its beautiful in every direction – for the mountain person and the beach person
  • Talisker & Glenlivet (or any of the other scotch you fancy) – Try out the Distillery Tours 
  • Edinburgh – Portobello beach is a hidden treasure 
  • It’s the land of Harry Potter, ghost stories and gory tales – dive right in, they are stories galore 

Great Britain: Country that ruled the waves and waived the rules

London: 8 days

  • Places of eminence: plentiful and expensive, choose wisely – The British Museum, Tower of London, 221B Bakers Street, War Museums, National Maritime Museum
  • Theatre: Watch a play 
  • Watch a live football match or do the tour. The Emirates Stadium is a must do for a football fan
  • Stroll around Central London
  • Bridge hopping at the Thames is a ‘must do’ 
  • Check the timing of ships crossing the London bridge (Tower bridge), its quite a sight 
  • Lots of luxury brands and department stores, including the so called Queen’s grocery store – Fortnum & Mason. Definitely worth seeing, I don’t know about the buying! 
  • Check out the Lavender or Sunflower fields, if in season 

I’ve been walking about London for the last 30 years, and I find something fresh in it every day.” – Walter Besant