7 Desserts To Light Up Your Christmas

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A compilation of some Christmas Desserts ideas to make your Christmas special!

Looking for the best Christmas dessert recipes? We’ve got you covered. Here are 7 Christmas baking ideas for you to make this Christmas.

1. Spiced Christmas Tree Brownies

Here’s a recipe for Gooey and boozy Spiced Christmas Tree Brownies. These are so fudgy and decadent! A perfect Christmas time treat!.

2. Whole Wheat Fruity Rum Cake

Rich, spongy and generously flavoured with rum, brandy and orange juice. The cake has surreptitiously placed nuts for the crunch. This Whole Wheat Fruity Rum Cake is deceptively easy to make and is exquisitely delicious!

3. Espresso Martini Brownies

Fudgy chocolate brownies topped strong notes of coffee that are complimented by hints of sugar and cream. These Espresso Martini Brownies are the perfect boozy delight for christmas!

4. Gingerbread Cookies

Chewy, crisp, soft on the inside and perfectly spiced. These gingerbread cookies are the perfect adorable holiday spiced goodness.

5. Classic Rum Balls

Never to late to get started on a Christmas Classic! These Classic Rum Balls are sweet and fragrant, rum-infused treats rolled in toasted coconut. A perfect easy and yum light dessert. Warning: You cant stop at just one!

6. Cherry Chocolate Pudding

Tart, flavourful and oh so sweet, this Cherry Chocolate Pudding is a real show stopper. Tart and sweet cherry with bitter rich chocolate in a pudding. OH MY!

7. Reindeer Sandwich Cookies

These cute Reindeer Sandwich cookies are made by sandwiching simple sugar cookies filled with Chocolate Ganache and Jam and cute chocolate decorations. So adorable and Yum!!

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