7 Offbeat Fusion Festive Desserts

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A compilation of some Offbeat Fusion Festive Desserts Ideas. Desserts inspired by flavours of Indian Sweets like Kaju Katli, Kalakand, dry fruit laddus etc, to compliment your festive mood.

Offbeat Fusion Festive Desserts

A roundup of Indian Fusion Desserts to inspire you to whip up a tasty treat for all the Diwali festival celebrations. Presenting 7 Offbeat Festive Indian Desserts Ideas for you…

1. Eggless Kesari Kaju Katli Cheesecake

Offbeat Fusion Festive Desserts

Lusciously creamy, velvety and so festive. This eggless baked Kesari Kaju Katli Cheesecake is all you need to celebrate this festive season right. Its also gluten-free.

2. No-bake Coconut Rose Cheesecake Pudding

Offbeat Fusion Festive Desserts

A super easy and delicious NO BAKE cheesecake pudding that takes its inspiration from the Indian sweet ‘Kalakand’. Tropical, sweet and somewhat nutty coconut with floral rose and aromatic cardamom combined together in this easy Coconut Rose Cheesecake Pudding. Perfect for the festive season.

3. Eggless Kesar Pistachio Caramel Custard

No bake and melt in your mouth kind of dessert. This Eggless Kesar Pistachio Caramel Custard is made with Nutty Pistachio & royal Kesar (Saffron) and is a perfect example of what a simple, easy homemade dessert is like and everyone, baker or not, can prepare this without any hassle.

4. Orange Cardamom Upside Down Cake

Offbeat Fusion Festive Desserts

Caramel Glaze on top of sliced orange, giving the most delicious bitter sweet marmalade dreaminess to the top. This Orange Cardamom Upside Down Cake is a decadent combination of warm cardamom and citrusy Orange, you’ll love this one!

5. Baked Sweet Hand Pies (Gujiya)

Offbeat Fusion Festive Desserts

Festival of colours is here and what could be better than these baked Sweet Hand Pies (Gujiya). Crisp and flaky with a delicious sweet coconut filling. YUM!

6. Sugar-Free Dry Fruit Laddus

Instant and healthy nutrient rich laddus are super easy to make with no added sugar or jaggery. These Sugar-free Dry Fruit Laddus (balls) are made with dates, that act as a binding factor and loads of healthy dry fruits that give it the crunch and make them a tasty snack and a quick festive sweet.

7. Rose Preserve Bundt Cake

Offbeat Fusion Festive Desserts

Moist Rose Preserve Bundt Cake made with rose petal preserve that gives the cake a rich and floral flavour. YUM!

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